Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Lab

We aim to research artificial intelligence and robotics based on computer vision and machine learning. Our research can be applied to various fields such as vision system, autonomous vehicles, robots, and any other AI systems.

Recent News

One Paper has Accepted
At the Conference

One Paper has Accepted
At the Conference

About AIR Lab.

Established in 2021

Ph.D (1)

M.S-Ph.D (1)


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Computer Vision

  • Domain Generalization
  • Perception (Detection, Segmentation, 6-DoF Pose Estimation)
  • 3D Reconstruction

Machine Learning

  • Self-supervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Adversarial attack & Visual Promprting


  • Multi-sensor Calibration
  • Arm Manipulation
  • Simultaneously Localization and Mapping